Have DCUK, Will Travel

When I founded Woodstock Chimes® in 1979, my idea was to make beautiful, musically-tuned windchimes, and I’m happy to still be doing that all these years later. But every now and then, a different kind of product comes along that is irresistible, and . . . well . . . we just can’t resist adding it to our line. Handmade ducks in colorful spotted rain boots from The Dcuk Company in the UK are just such a product. We fell head over wellies for these guys and had a feeling our customers would, too.

Duck FB profile-summer
The Webb Family

With their quizzical faces and endearing poses, they exude personality, so it was only natural that we pick a group of them to become the “Webb family.” Larry and Loretta Webb with their little ones Fiona and L.J. (Larry, Jr.) even have their own Facebook page! I wanted the father’s name to be Jack Webb, but I was told that only people my age would get that. Turns out they love to travel, and they’re ready for adventure at the drop of a duck feather. A good time was had by all on their trip to Hawaii last month, with L.J. getting up to his usual shenanigans and Larry buying a Hawaiian shirt to match his wellies. Here are a couple of snapshots from the trip.

Fiona and L.J. try out a trampoline on the beach
Fiona and L.J. try out a trampoline on the beach
L.J. and Fiona learn to scuba dive
L.J. and Fiona learn to scuba dive

We ran a contest, asking our Facebook fans to let us know where they’d like the ducks to travel next and got a lot of great ideas, so I think the Webb gang will be on the go a lot this summer!




 I tell the Webbs who won the Lucky Ducky contest.
I tell the Webbs who won the Lucky Ducky contest.

The names of the people who responded were put into a Lucky Ducky – Win a Ducky bucket for a random drawing. As you can see, the Webbs gathered around with eager anticipation to watch me announce the name of the winning contestant. I think they approved! A cousin of L.J.’s will soon be flying off to the lucky winner.

A round of quacks for the winner!

At Woodstock Chimes, we’ve always been about music, but we’re also about spreading joy and having fun. These guys bring out the kid in everyone, and I think that’s just ducky!

P.S., If you don’t want to miss a thing that the Webbs are up to and want to find out how to win your own duck in the next Lucky Ducky contest, just click “like” on the Meet the Duck Family Facebook page!


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